Granulator knives

2018-02-28 10:43:48

Details :

Granulating and pelletising with knives from LUTZ BLADES

LUTZ BLADES manufactures granulating and pelletising knives for use in a number of granulating systems, e.g. for underwater granulating systems and extrusion granulators made by Erema ®, NGR ®, Starlinger ®, Munchy ®, Artec ® and others. To achieve optimum results, our granulating and pelletising knives are exactly matched to the application in hand.

And this is how LUTZ BLADES granulating and pelletising knives can benefit you:
Knife width is matched exactly to the individual backplate
Cutting-edge geometry and material are matched to the application
Consistent cutting performance while retaining pellet shape
Large choice of standard blades
User-friendly packaging

LUTZ granulating and pelletising knives have the following characteristics:
Long service lives, even when used underwater for cold cutting
Hard coating in various layers to enhance lifetime
Individual special design requirements can be taken into consideration