Staple fibre blades

2018-03-01 10:40:44

Details :

Staple fibre blades for Lumus®, Barmag®, Fleissner®, Neumag®, Zimmer®, DM&E®
Cutting chemical fibres makes very heavy demands on blades. The productivity of state-of-the-art large-scale machines such as those made by Lumus®, Barmag®, Fleissner®, Neumag® or Zimmer®, depends on a number of factors. One of these is the quality of the staple fibre blades used - and that means blade after blade after blade. In this high-performance application, all materials are applied: steels and tungsten carbide are selected after close consultation with the customer. It is only by applying these high-quality staple fibre blades that it is possible to cut every fibre to exactly the same length and prevent frayed fibre ends. Staple fibre blades from LUTZ BLADES meet this requirement - and many more.

And this is how LUTZ staple fibre blades can benefit you:

The extremely sharp cutting edges ensure that each fibre is cut, not torn
No frayed ends, just neatly trimmed ends
Outstanding cutting quality
Absolutely consistent quality from one blade to the next ensures successful use of each set
Long service lifetimes thanks to sophisticated hard coatings

LUTZ staple fibre blades have the following characteristics:

Long-term, consistent sharpness
Various steels and tungsten carbide materials
Blade geometries depend on the type of fibres to be cut
Closest tolerances in terms of blade width & blade height
Suitable for all standard cutting machines in use in the industry