Blades for the trades

2018-03-01 18:10:36

Details :

Blades for the trades: Sharpness is required, sharpness is what you get.
Professional craftsmanship using outstanding tools is what makes a pro tradesman stand out. Blades for the trades by LUTZ BLADES are THE cutting tools for flooring specialists, roofers, painters & decorators, drywall construction firms etc.. For decades, tradespeople and tool wholesalers alike have praised the high quality of LUTZ blades, because this is what makes them stand head & shoulders above the competition. You, too, can benefit from this advantage.

And this is how you can benefit from LUTZ blades for the trades

Razor blade sharpness
More cuts without changing the blade
Large product range with many different models for all applications
Less effort is required for cutting thanks to special cutting-edge geometry

LUTZ blades for the trades have the following characteristics:

Highest levels of accuracy and consistent quality standards from one blade to the next to the next...
Optimum materials and hard coatings for longer service lifetimes
High flexural strength for cutting curves
Blade dispensers as safety packaging for sharp blades
Customer livery available as "private label", DIY card designs, designs punched onto blade etc.