Metal Fiber Felt

2018-01-18 16:28:06

Details :

Sintered metal fiber felt is a nonwoven filter media; it is made from extremely fine metal fibers through lapping, laminating and high temperature sintering. The porous metal felt has inherent characteristics of high filtering accuracy and more dirt holding capacity because of its structure of pores in multilayer felts. It is excellent in heat, pressure and corrosion resistance.
Product Character:
1. High dirt holding capacity, high filtering accuracy, long life span
2. High porosity, excellent permeability and large flow.
3. Corrosion and high temperature resistance of acid, alkali and organic solvent
4. Easy cleaning and high strength
5. Special specifications are upon request.
Standard Size: 1000mm×500mm/ 1200mm×600mm/ 1000mm×1000mm
Standard Material: SUS316L, SUS304
Special material and sizes are available, please consult with us.
●High Polymer Industrial
High viscosity polymer filter for fiber, film, plastics / Raw materials production filters / Monomer/oligomer filters
●Chemical Industry
Process filters for chemical plants / Filters for petrochemical refineries 
●Pharmaceuticals/Food Industry
Synthesis and production, crystallization, recovery filters for all types of pharmaceutical products, food, etc. 
Filters for fuel oil, lube oil, hydraulic power line oil, cutting oil 
●Measurement and Instruments
Sampling filters for analysis, air filters for instrumentation 

 High temperatures exhaust gas processing filters